Monday 23 October 2017

Get tough and sack the strikers

I AM incredulous at the sight of a line of people snaking down Molesworth Street while our daft public sector unions continue to put the squeeze on our inept Government. The fact that this administration is prepared to engage in talks with unions, with the threat of an all-out strike hanging over it speaks volumes about its lack of authority.

If state employees are not prepared to work then fire them and hire others who will work. There are more than 430,000 on the live register, most of whom would be glad to assist. It beggars belief that the Government has not already moved to fire those engaging in this disruption. At the very least, wages should be cut. It's time the Government removed the kid gloves, showed some backbone for a change and acted like the employer that it is.

Jim Boylan
Dublin 6

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