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Get the facts right on Palestinians

DESMOND FitzGerald (Letters February 8) is absolutely correct in his answer to Gemma Hensey (Letters, February 7), that "facts have never been a strong point for the Palestinian lobby (and she) is deluding herself if she thinks all their problems can be blamed on Israel".

While their supporters would no doubt dispute his claim that "there is in fact already a Palestinian state and it's called Jordan", it is their failure to realise that most of their ancestors are immigrants from Syria, Egypt and Transjordan over the past 150 years or so.

The family name Masri, which means Egyptian, is still very common among Palestinian Arabs.

Immigration continued across the unsupervised land borders, mainly attracted by the economic revival resulting from Jewish immigration from the 1880s onwards. Most of the so-called refugees were merely returning to the lands from which their parents or grandparents had come.

It is a shame on those countries that they "deny citizenship and free movement" to the Palestinians who live in refugee camps.

Martin D Stern
Salford, Lancashire

Irish Independent