Monday 19 February 2018

Get rid of boys of the old brigade

Madam – Please! Please!! Please!!! Do not abandon your 'anxious', exhaustive and exhausting search for 'leadership' (Sunday Independent, February 17, 2013) among the great, the good – and the barely washed behind the ears. There are leaders out there, in the furze and the heather, and you can flush them out.

The problem is that almost all of our current paid 'leaders' are men and women of the 'old' politics – even the 'younger' ones. And slow learners to boot. The current Government believed, when power was thrown into its lap by a desperate citizenry, that it could 'do it' according to the old failed rules and rubrics.

There is no 'soft' way out of where we are. The Labour Parliamentary Party, under duress from its 'leadership', decided to act, not as a shin-guard for the people against the sincere but right-of-centre elements in Fine Gael but as a shin-guard for Fine Gael against the people. The result has been to create a huge vacuum in our politics.

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