Sunday 21 January 2018

Get real on crisis

Sir -- Your Daniel McConnell and Aengus Fanning articles (January 17) show that they too have yet to "get it" where our current economic adjustment is concerned. It isn't entirely their fault, as our Government continues to be economical with the truth, just as their counterparts were in the 1950s when I became the first economics editor on a daily newspaper in Ireland.

At that time we were dealing with the population surplus due to the brake on emigration in the Forties. The Whitaker 1958 Plan had -- as it stated -- as its main aim, the preservation of our financial independence through viable public finance policies as that surplus was offloaded via emigration.

We have a trickier situation now, since emigration isn't as easy as in the Fifties, and we have much, much higher levels of public services.

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