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German Greens back incineration

Dr Micheal Weltzin (Letters, January 7) seeks to persuade us that the German Greens are not promoting incineration and seeks to relegate incineration to the very last choice in the hierarchy of dealing with waste.

Yet Sylvia Kotting-Uhl of Alliance 90/The Greens, in a paper for the 2006 Berlin Waste Convention, places a much higher premium on incineration.

She states that not only can the waste be incinerated in high quality plants to produce energy, but that the reusable products of waste incineration include hydrochloric acid and gypsum for use in the construction industry and slags for use in road construction.

This gives a different impression of the value of incineration than the one Dr Weltzin seeks to give.

An important additional benefit from incineration for energy production from the Irish view is that it substitutes for increasingly expensive imports of oil.

Incineration, however, is not a vote getter and I suspect that is John Gormley's main reason for opposition to incineration.

Gearoid O Dubhain
Rochestown, Co Cork

Irish Independent