Thursday 22 February 2018

'Generation boring' take note: life is for living, not recording

Youngsters are glued to their phones. Stock Image
Youngsters are glued to their phones. Stock Image
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Unfortunately, Jane O'Faherty hits the nail on the head when she describes people in their 20s as 'generation boring' (Irish Independent, People, May 19). At social events I recently attended, the only ones not chatting, laughing or dancing were mostly younger people. Instead of having a laugh, they spent their time sitting silently and glumly with their faces glued to their phones.

Worse still, if you are stuck at a dinner table with young adults, they've generally lived such sheltered lives, they have little to offer in terms of interesting conversation. How can you when you have spent your formative years staring at a small screen?

The youngsters of 'generation boring' are not helped by the fact that they are less well read and less knowledgeable than previous generations. The lack of joy that young people experience in life was brought home to me at a New Year's Eve party - when the clock struck midnight, older people were up shaking hands, hugging and singing 'Auld Lang Syne', while the gloomy younger people used their phones to video our celebrations.

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