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Gender quotas not enough to change Dail

I agree with Joanna Tuffy that, instead of introducing quotas, it "would be far better for those at the top of political parties to try to achieve an increase in women running for election by measures that increase the participation by women at the grass roots of political parties" (Letters, June 22).

The problem is that the incumbents and apparatchiks of political parties will not let that happen in the forseeable future. That has been proven in democracies throughout he world.

The present conservative culture does discriminate against women. The quota is an imperfect mechanism and could be challenged as unconstitutional.

The alternative, however, is to do nothing and see a continuation of the nearly 90pc male Dail which, as Ms Tuffy says, definitely discriminates against candidates on the grounds of their gender.

a Leavy
sutton, Dublin 13

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