Friday 13 December 2019

Gay's tale of two bus stops

Madam --In "A Log" (Sunday Independent, May 13, 2012), Gay Byrne referred to his being approached at the Aircoach stop opposite the RDS in Dublin by a man who told him that he had no money to pay his bus fare to Enniscorthy and who, for that reason, had been twice refused admission by the drivers of buses going to his destination which stopped there every hour.

Mr Byrne further stated that he handed a €20 note to the individual who approached him, the fare mentioned being €17. Mr Byrne went on, "I was only 20 yards further on when I realised that there is no bus to Enniscorthy from the Aircoach stop opposite the RDS."

Mr Byrne is technically correct. However, beside the Aircoach stop to which he referred, there is a Bus Eireann stop at which the hourly Dublin Airport to Rosslare Harbour Bus Eireann Route 2 service (serving Enniscorthy) stops on request to pick up passengers. (I am a regular user of this service.)

John Wynne,

Marlborough St, Dublin 1

Sunday Independent

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