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Gay President is good for country

Sir -- The comments of David Norris are being taken completely out of context and inflated to disgusting proportions! There is no endorsement of paedophilia to be found within the words of Mr Norris: "Although when I was younger, I would have greatly relished the prospect of an older, attractive, mature man taking me under his wing, lovingly introducing me to sexual realities, treating me with affection, teaching me about life."

What red-blooded male would not have happily accepted the attentions of an older woman whilst they were still a teen? I know I would have absolutely lapped it up and I would have loved each and every moment. Yet the idea of a homosexual teenage boy yearning for the attentions of an older man still conjures up a sense of disgust.

Hyperbole and rhetoric should not be substitutes for careful consideration of all pertinent facts. Mr Norris, like all of us, is a fallible and flawed individual but the ambition for an openly gay man to take up residence in the Aras is far bigger than the individual behind it and should he be successful, Ireland will not just be taking a step towards a brighter future, it will be bounding towards it!

David Duff

Ballincollig, Cork

Sunday Independent