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Gay marriage argument would falter in referendum

Your poll shows a clear majority of voters in favour of same-sex marriage (Irish Independent, February 24). This would not be the result in a referendum on the subject. Past experience has shown that in a social-issues referendum, the liberal position usually starts out far ahead but is then reined in and often defeated.

The chief argument is that the marriage of a man and a woman is unique because it, and only it, can give a child a mother and a father who have made a public commitment to one another. Abundant research has shown how this is of great benefit to most children.

Crucially, it is not discrimination to treat a unique situation in a unique way. In upholding opposite-sex marriage recently, the French Supreme Court found in favour of this principle.

As to Killian Brennan's letter attacking Lucinda Creighton for being opposed to same-sex marriage (Letters, February 24), all that can be said is that he completely ignores the argument in favour of giving opposite-sex marriage special status.

Maghnus Monaghan
Maynooth, Co Kildare

Irish Independent