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Gardai right to target boy racers

The so-called boy racer culture in Ireland has paved the way for a young-driver stereotype that is significantly justified by the relevant facts.

In 2009, although road deaths were down 40 on the previous year, 40pc of the 239 road deaths could be attributed to drivers under the age of 25.

Many young drivers who drive safely feel victimised as they receive a lot of police attention simply because they are young. The gardai have come in for some criticism from young drivers, but it is evident that they are just policing in line with the statistics.

Young lads that drive modified cars when they are still learner drivers will always be targeted by gardai -- and rightly so.

Arguably, they should stop these young drivers more often and stricter rules should be in place to deal with learner drivers in control of high-performance vehicles.

I know all young drivers should not be tarred with the one brush, but if you have nothing to hide from the gardai, then you should not mind being stopped by them every once in a while.

Innocent young drivers should not feel victimised by the gardai, but instead should be happy that the guards are doing a good job of getting dangerous boy racers off our roads.

Justin Kelly
Edenderry, Co Offaly

Irish Independent