Thursday 14 November 2019

Garda blues

• Your coverage of the now-retired garda who has blown the whistle on the collapse of morale in the force should make sobering reading for our ruling classes.

The Garda Siochana backed up by the Defence Forces are the last line of defence between the Government and the people. Yet, PDFORRA also report similar morale problems in the Defence Forces. It appears that the Army and the Garda Siochana are a bit cheesed off with the Government and its contempt for them, to say the least.

Yet Varadkar, Reilly, Hogan and the rest continue to draft new laws and penalties for the people, while existing laws cannot be enforced and penalties are defied.

The ex-garda paints a picture of squad cars that would be laughed out of an NCT Centre, yet serving members are expected to engage in high-speed pursuits in these vehicles. Reilly wants these cars to cruise the beaches in search of smokers. Varadkar wants them to cruise the highways, clamping down on the 16 new penalty points and Hogan wants them to visit the homes of those who defy household taxes, water charges and septic tank penalties.

Do these closeted individuals in their ministerial seats ever consider the eroding effect of setting gardai against the people in this fashion? Forcing them to torment us with bad and unnecessary new laws (that many members themselves do not believe in) only serves to deflate morale on all sides.

The sight of a blustering, overweight minister on television now, threatening us that "this is now the law" simply shows how detached and remote our Government has become from the reality of life in Ireland 2012.

John Mallon
Mayfield, Cork

Irish Independent

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