Sunday 26 January 2020

Gambling with baddies in Vegas

MY friends are aghast when I explain that in Ireland only the baddies have guns -- the goodies just hope for the best.

In Las Vegas you shoot to kill anyone who invades your home.

The only time I remember any debate on this issue was when a homeowner, having dispatched one burglar, pursued his partner for almost a block. He then shot the fleeing intruder in the back. The police thought that since the burglar posed no immediate threat to the homeowner, maybe the homeowner should be charged with something.

The will of the public was very clear. Give the homeowner a medal. Do not attempt to charge him. Criminals who prey on the elderly in their homes or who terrorise families almost at will should be given a real dose of their own medicine. Give everyone the right to bear arms and to use them in defence of family and home.

Patricia R Moynihan
Las vegas, NV

Irish Independent

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