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Gagging on Gaga as role model

Sir -- Having read Carol Hunt's article "This lady will never be a tramp" in praise of Lady Gaga (Sunday Independent, September 26, 2010), I must refute some of her extraordinary conclusions. Carol writes, "Gaga does not... use her body to blatantly portray sexual availability to the lowest common dominator."

Excuse me? Has Carol done any research at all? Lady Gaga's videos are little more than soft porn -- in Alejandro she's engaged in sexual groping with a gang of semi-naked men on a filthy bed. Then there are the disturbing scenes of Rosary beads being swallowed, cross-dressing men, sadism with men on leashes, war, and an orgy. And this is just one video.

Yet Carol writes: "Gaga is actually a pretty decent role model for teenage girls." How, under any circumstances, is Lady Gaga a good role model for teenage girls, Carol?

Colin Foley,

South Circular Road, Dublin 8