Thursday 22 March 2018

Gadget anxiety

• Please pass on my condolences to Alison O'Connor. She is obviously addicted to electronic devices. I notice more and more people afflicted with this terrible problem. While having lunch in Dun Laoghaire recently I observed two visitors (men), also having their lunch but instead of talking to one another and admiring the view from the window they spent their time, between mouthfuls of food, staring at computer screens.

A family, consisting of grandparents, parents and a teenager sat at another table. Instead of joining in the conversation around the table the teenager spent his time staring at a screen -- how unsocial. People have taken to carrying their electronic bits and pieces in their hands.

I have noticed some poor unfortunates who develop a sudden look of panic on their faces and then relax when they pat their pocket or check their handbag and assure themselves that the electronic gizmo is safe after all. I wonder how much these devices have improved our quality of life.

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