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GAA guff

• I attended Sunday's game in Croke Park. On returning home, I sat down to watch the recording of Pat Spillane and Joe Brolly.

While I accept the game between Longford and Wexford was no classic, it was nonetheless a well contested game between two good sides. To hear Mr Spillane rubbish the encounter and the approach of both sides was predictable and boring.

To hear him drone on about 1976 and his own great achievements was pathetic.

How any man who has eight All-Ireland medals and a wealth of football knowledge could bemoan the state of football after one of the great All-Ireland finals last year is beyond me.

In this time of recession and general bad news, could Pat please lighten up and realise Gaelic football is in excellent shape -- or, failing that, return to 1976.

Ronan Farrell

Irish Independent