Monday 23 October 2017

Fr Mick Cleary deserves apology

Madam -- Having just read Declan Lynch's piece regarding "characters" and Jimmy Savile, I am disgusted that he wrote about Fr Michael Cleary being the same "character" as Jimmy Savile. The latter has been accused of sexual abuse. Fr Mick, as he was commonly known, had a relationship with a consenting adult. Fr Mick did wrong according to the rules of his Church, but to describe him as a "character" similar to Jimmy Savile is wrong.

What Jimmy Savile has been accused of is wrong in society, but Fr Mick had a relationship with a partner who gave birth to their son. I think Mr Lynch should issue an apology to Fr Michael Cleary's family for suggesting that he would be "up there having the craic with Jimmy Savile".

Alan Carroll,

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