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Foxes deserve to be hunted

Whilst not advocating cruelty to animals, I do believe in the tradition of fox hunting. The fox dies virtually instantaneously at the teeth of the hounds -- the fox's tiny victims do not.

Have you ever seen a distressed ewe, with her genital tissues cruelly ripped and bleeding, after being mauled by foxes when she's down during a difficult birth?

Have you seen (and heard) her tiny lamb torn bleeding and bleating from the ewe's mangled birth canal? Well I, and many familiar with real country life, have.

What of the tiny threatened native ground creatures and birds that foxes kill? The fox does not kill quickly -- very often playing mercilessly with its tiny victims; torturing them with small bites so they run a little from their cruel attacker which then pounces again and again before the helpless little creature finally dies or is eaten alive.

The fox deserves to be hunted. Yes, most certainly, you'll see the anti-hunt fanatics displaying gory photos of ripped apart (after, they're dead) foxes. But never such gory scenes of ripped apart, long suffering tiny lambs and wee plover chicks.

Howard Hutchins
Victoria, australia

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