Saturday 24 February 2018

Forysth saga has very poor ending

Sir -- I seem to recall that it was the late Fyfe Robertson who once remarked of Malcolm Muggeridge that one is as fascinated by the way he says it as what he says. I thought of that while reading Frederick Forsyth's elegant article ('Spirit of rebellion still dimly flickers', Sunday Independent, March 6). Why oh why though did he have to spoil it at the very end by a child-like regression to our chief of psychopaths, Michael Collins? It is akin to recruiting the drug baron to supervise the rehabilitation of the addicts.

In like manner Aengus Fanning jettisoned an otherwise splendid article by wanton recourse to Winston Churchill, our chief of warmongers.

For me at any rate Gene Kerrigan, with characteristic surety and clarity, takes the biscuit. With hand firmly on the tiller he steered us, if not quite to, at least in the direction of the promised land. Clearly the recent election results indicate that "this is an interim moment in a long, unfolding process of change", and "a new politics" is "struggling to be born".

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