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Former minister failed to legislate

Madam – I am reading what Colum Kenny and Declan Lynch have to say about RTE's coverage of the Savita scandal and I couldn't disagree more.

Colum Kenny praises former Fine Gael Minister for Justice, Nora Owen, for her contribution to the debate. If Nora Owen cared so much about the issue surely then she should have legislated for it when she was in a position to do so. Sitting in that TV3 studio wringing her hands isn't solving the issue.

Colum Kenny would do well to question why TV3 has a retired politician on its payroll while many good young and very capable journalists can't get work. Nora hardly needs the money either I reckon, Colum.

Declan Lynch once again as he has done in the past and I'm sure will do in the future, plays the man and not the ball. He is using the Savita scandal to get a dig at RTE.

That's a pity because Declan's TV review is one of the first parts of the paper I read.

William Carroll,

Co Laois

Sunday Independent