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Formal dress does not maketh the politician

As I would expect from the playground known as Dail Eireann, we find the Dail internal disciplinary watchdog telling male TDs they have to wear long-sleeved shirts while allowing female TDs an 80pc broader choice of attire.

In the same 'secure' Dail building, there seems to be nobody capable of looking at CCTV footage and attendance records to identify an individual(s) running from phone to phone on the night of a celebrity TV show vote wasting public money voting for a politician who would have been better focused attending to constituency business instead of being up a mountain.

The public voted TDs in not for what they wear but to get on with fixing the country. We've already seen the damage TDs in suits have done. Suits do not necessarily maketh a good politician.

Brendan Lynch
Bray, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent