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Fore! . . . Democracy . . . Harney break . . . Finance post

Brian Cowen needs a warning about the upcoming Fianna Fail electoral disaster. How apt that we can use a golfing term. Altogether now: Fore!

Michael Nash
Dublin 18

  • John Ferry and Frank O'Brien, campaigning under the Campaign for Democracy in Ireland, seem to be at cross purposes (Letters, January 10). They think both the Dail and the Seanad are "totally irrelevant" since "Ireland is no longer a sovereign state". They also seem to think that holding an election is a waste of time.

This country had no say in how it was run for hundreds of years. Denigrating the democratic institutions that we have inherited from our forebears because of our present difficulties is, therefore, very shortsighted. The institutions might need reform but we should not take them for granted.

A Leavy
Sutton, Dublin 13

  • People are upset that the minister for trolleys, Mary Harney, is out of the country once again during another eruption in the health service, but I'm not upset.

I hope she stays wherever she's holed up and doesn't come back, that way she can't do any more harm to the system than she has already done.

Paddy O'Brien
Balbriggan, Co Dublin

  • The most revealing fact to emerge from the latest RedC poll was the voters' choice to be next minister for finance. Richard Bruton is still the opposition politician most favoured for the post.

The poll proves that Enda Kenny's petulant decision to demote Mr Bruton may have been a grave strategic error.

This election will be about trust, and Mr Kenny should promote the man most trusted to manage our finances for the next five years.

Ronan Walsh
Sandymount, Co Dublin

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