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Saturday 25 November 2017

Forced abroad by a false republic

Sir -- Jerry Daly (Sunday Independent, June 19, 2011) challenges me to establish for him what constitutes a 'real republic'. A republic, to be clear, is a government of the people for the people by the people. After our 'revolution' against the British, the people of Ireland were subjected to a counter-revolution that I would argue, resulted in the ultimate destruction of this nation.

Let me explain -- a republic should bring a nation into a post-modern era, basically, the thing which caused the revolution, the selfish interests of a minority, is swept away, and fully accountable institutions are put in place to act for all of the people, as Wolfe Tone described, Catholic, Protestant and dissenter.

In this country the people were forced, by the actions of our leaders, to receive health and education services from a monolithic church. Health and education, the two most vital services poor people depend upon to flourish, both physically and intellectually, were handed over to Archbishop John Charles McQuaid and his kind. This was not an act of republicanism, but an act of treason.

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