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Force cruel puppy 'breeders' to close

Surely even the hardest heart must have felt some compassion for the dogs and puppies in the midlands puppy farm highlighted on the recent animal welfare programme on TV3.

The description 'puppy farm' conjures up images of happy dogs racing around fields and sleeping in warm beds of hay.

Nothing could be further from the truth on some farms, where unfortunate animals are confined in dark sheds, often chained up, little or no food, certainly no veterinary care and bred until they are of no further use, whereupon they are then generally shot or dumped.

To our shame, throughout this country there are hundreds of these establishments and, thanks to our indifferent Government, nothing is done to bring these breeders to account.

People need to realise that every time they buy a dog from a breeder at the side of the road, or at the gate of the farm without insisting on seeing where the dog comes from, they are unwittingly condemning these animals to misery and neglect.

Anthony O'Sullivan
Harold's Cross, Dublin 6

Irish Independent