Sunday 17 December 2017

Folly of tribunals must be stopped

Sir -- Is there no one in the country apart from myself that is totally fed up with the Moriarty Tribunal (or any other one as well)? The money that has been spent on these totally useless exercises is, in my mind, just another exercise in filling the pockets of lawyers and justifying government expenses to the judicial system.

I don't give a damn at this stage whether the allocating of the mobile phone licence was right or wrong, I am much more worried about what the investigation is costing me.

I have just been on a very enjoyable 'Murder Mystery Fun Night' which we were able to resolve in a few hours without any of us being legally educated (thank God most of us have common sense). The scene was set and the outcome was inevitable. We all went through the conspiracy theories (him/her, monies paid etc).

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