Friday 15 December 2017

Folly of Irish charities

Sir -- Within the space of about 30 minutes recently while tuned in to RTE radio, there were four separate appeals for donations to help alleviate the crisis in Africa.

According to a UN spokesperson, around 3.7m people are in serious danger of starving to death in Somalia. The appeals were from Gorta, Trocaire, Concern and Goal. Others like Oxfam and Unicef are also seeking funds for their work in Africa.

All of these charities have their own structures including office space, staff, CEOs, executive directors, advertising agencies etc, and are in competition with each other for funding. However, surplus money available is decreasing because of the economic downturn at home. Would it not make economic and logistical sense if these organisations pooled their staffing structures, their financial resources, expertise, infrastructure, field experiences and do collectively what they do individually: get food to the starving at minimum cost? The monetary savings from such an amalgamation would be considerable.

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