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Flight of fancy

• Yesterday I left Ireland once again to return to my work in the USA. Having spent the Christmas holiday reading about the Government's attack on pensioners' incomes, septic tank charges and the impending household charges, I wondered what it was actually doing with all the money it was squeezing from the Irish taxpayer.

While waiting for the aeroplane door to close for departure there was an unholy cacophony of sirens emanating from outside our cabin.

Naturally alarmed, I looked out on to the gangway to see three ground staff relaxed and unperturbed.

Alarm was replaced by curiosity and I questioned one of them as to what all the noise was.

"It's the welcoming party for an inaugural flight from Dubai," came the response.

With eyes rolled, the ground staff member added: "They flew that Leo Varadkar out to Dubai yesterday so he could be on this first flight back to Dublin the next day. That's where our taxes are being well spent."

Enda Cormican
Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

Irish Independent