Tuesday 20 March 2018

Flat-rate charge just dosen't hold water

REGARDING your article, ‘Up to 1.4 million people facing water cut-offs', (Irish Independent, June 3). Am I correct in assuming that even with the expected flat-rate water charge springing into action in the near future, and later evolving into a metered system, cut-offs may continue to occur until the state of the water pipes is fixed?

In a fair economy – if I may be so naive – if I pay for something or enter into an agreement, however draconian the requirement to enter into such is, I should expect to get what I pay for if I pay my way in full and on time. In this way if I am able to pay flat-rate or metered, I should expect to utilise water how and when I like – just as I do with my electricity, gas, television etc. If the Irish authorities are unable to provide water to the people when charging is introduced, then this would be nothing short of yet another rip-off. Finally, while a metered system may reflect available usage, flat-rate doesn't hold much water.


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