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Fine Gael -- divide and conquer

I WOULD like to respond to Simon O'Connor's assertion that "Leinster people" are constantly trying to discredit Enda Kenny (Letters, October 1).

Mr O'Connor may not have noticed, but mainstream Irish media presents the views of journalists, columnists and commentators from each province and almost every county in Ireland.

Mr O'Connor may also be unaware that the recent TV3- commissioned opinion poll, which showed a huge lack of public confidence in Enda Kenny, was not conducted in Leinster alone, but was a national poll (according to TV3).

Mr O'Connor's comments, like the "Up Mayo" hollers that were heard after Mr Kenny survived the last heave against him, represent the type of tribal, party political ideology that serves to divide rather than unite Irish people.

"Up Mayo" and "Down Leinster" . . . is this what we have to look forward to with Fine Gael in power? Oh dear.

Karl McHugh
Cashel, Co Tipperary

Irish Independent