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Filling the void

• I'd like to respond to Councillor Nuala Nolan's letter (Irish Independent, September 19) titled "Filling the Void".

I agree with the central argument of her letter. The spiritual aspect of somebody's life is often ignored.

I'm not talking about conventional religious practices, although some people satisfy this spiritual need in themselves through this method.

We are more than physical/emotional beings. We have an essence that is greater than our combined emotional/genetic make-up.

Some religions call this the spirit: the essence of ourselves that is greater than the end result of the 'electrical activity' in our brains. That is what makes humans different to animals, not just the superior brains.

I agree with Ms Nolan that there is a "spiritual void in people's lives". Drink, drugs or promiscuous sex cannot fill this void, and will only provide temporary respite similar to the psychiatrist's pill providing temporary relief to people experiencing emotional distress.

Thomas Roddy
Salthill, Galway

Irish Independent