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Fighting myths

• Alison O'Connor's piece 'Women must toughen up for Dail quota fight' (Irish Independent, May 12) makes some welcome points on Dail quotas (for instance, that women need to stop blaming men and put themselves forward for election) but also descends into trying to perpetuate some demonstrable myths.

She tells us that women are everywhere in Irish life except in the Dail.

In fact there are many unpleasant, difficult and dangerous jobs where women have lower representation than in the Dail, but there is no urgency to achieve equality in these areas.

She says "it's a given that men will fight like tigers" to prevent women from running.

I'm a man but I have no problem with women standing for election, have voted for women in the past and would do so again (but not because they are women). I would be less inclined to vote for anyone (male or female) whom I felt was a token candidate.

Perhaps Ms O'Connor needs to re-assess her 'givens'.

She tells us that women in politics must be able to take abuse but doesn't mention that some women are happy to be abusers too.

I recognise that Ms O'Connor was writing an opinion piece, but even opinion needs to be tempered with fairness.

William Mongey
Ard Haven, Waterford

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