Sunday 16 June 2019

Fianna Failures . . . Fiddle . . . Pension arrangements

Their name says it all: Fianna Fail-ed. They have failed the Irish people. High time the top dogs were put down.

James Jackman
Avoca, Co Wicklow

  • Watch government ministers run for cover now that the s**t has hit the fan. Cowards with the backbone of a chocolate eclair ride off into the sunset to spend golden years in financial bliss, thanks to bleeding the system dry for years. In the interests of public safety I would urge all Fianna Fail election candidates to keep well away from people's doorsteps when canvassing.

Anthony Woods
Ennis, Co Clare

  • The harp has been replaced by the fiddle as our emblem.

James Rogers
Rosslare Harbour, Co Wexford

  • While not a fan of the ministerial pension arrangements, maybe these generous payments will finally rid us of these chancers. Greed is the only language Fianna Fail seem to understand. There are two conditions I would demand.

One: the incoming government would introduce private pension arrangements for their new ministers; keep current pay levels, but make them build their own pension and only draw down at 67 years.

Two: the population should semi-boycott the ministerial/Fianna Fail/Progressive Democrat/Green Party pensioners and future pensioners and any other party they may care to, by giving them the dismal level of service and lack of basic respect that they gave to us.

Conan Doyle

Irish Independent

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