Monday 22 January 2018

Fianna Fail's Kitt just doesn't get it

Sir -- Councillor Eamon Kitt (FF) should learn that "it is more painful to have had and lost than to have not had at all". In his letter (Sunday Independent, February 13, 2011), he waffles on about all the extra jobs that were created in the public service, all the increases that were dished out in public service wages and social welfare and asks us to "appreciate this given the current climate".

However, this shows his lack of understanding of the current climate and why, to use another FF saying, "we are where we are", which is: FF bought votes to do the above with borrowed money when we should have been saving, social welfare increased, public service pay increased, private sector pay increased to match, minimum wage rocketed, basic services and food prices rocketed to pay the wages, inflation went out of control and Ireland became uncompetitive, tourism and foreign investment ground to a halt and boooom, the country went bust.

I wonder how many of the Kitt dynasty will be returned on the 25th??

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