Friday 23 March 2018

FG privatisation policy is wrong

Sir -- Whatever could or could not be funded by privatising the provision of vital services, as suggested by Leo Varadkar (Sunday Independent, August 15), what is actually well documented is the fact that under such privatised provision, the most vulnerable lose access to these services. Mr Varadkar's cavalier failure to address that fact makes for scary reading as the population looks for an alternative for government now that the gross incompetence and self-serving antics of Fianna Fail have finally come into full public view.

This is relevant given that the same edition of the paper carried reports of an alarming increase in the number of households being disconnected from electricity supply -- and this is being put down to the same privatisation policy.

Mr Varadkar mentioned the privatisation of water, but the experience in Britain following Thatcher's decision to sell this utility needs close examination. So much suffering was being caused by households being cut off from a supply that a law had to be passed in the Commons making it illegal to do so.

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