Monday 20 January 2020

FG policies are all over the shop

IT seems Fine Gael has finally seen sense. Despite saying they couldn't support savings of €3bn in this year's Budget, it has now accepted that they are necessary.

While I applaud this change of heart, it begs the question whether Enda Kenny and his colleagues are ready for government. How can we trust Fine Gael to be strong on the economy when they keep changing their policies? Only a few short months ago, Richard Bruton told a Fine Gael party conference that the budgetary adjustment should be €2bn. Yet, this time last year he advocated a €3.5 billion correction.

If the polls are to be believed, then Fine Gael and Labour are set to form the next government. How this will work is beyond me. After all, one party has no policies and the other has a policy for every season.

William J Henry
Arva, Co Cavan

Irish Independent

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