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FF mess has its roots in history

This is not the first time Fianna Fail has driven the country to the brink of ruin. We were here before as a result of Fianna Fail's economic war in the 1930s and its policies of economic stagnation in the 1940s and in the 1980s.

The difference now is, not only is Fianna Fail in office when the consequences of its failings have become clear, but, even worse, it was in office during the IMF bailout -- something which other governments, even the Fianna Fail GUBU one, managed to avoid.

However, let's not kid ourselves that Fianna Fail caused this mess overnight. It started in 1979 when the party chose the culture of Mr Haughey and Mr Lenihan Snr instead of that of Mr Colley and Mr Hillery.

It is only right, therefore, that the natural heirs of Mr Haughey, who include every single Fianna Fail and former PD member of Cabinet, should reap what they sowed all those years ago.

The political pedigree of Fianna Fail was, of course, flawed from the start. A party created due to the ego of one man -- who caused a civil war by refusing to accept the democratic choice of the Irish people to support the Treaty, and who then went on to use money donated by Irish emigrants in order to enrich his own family by transferring to it the ownership of the 'Irish Press' -- was never going to have the same level of integrity parties like Fine Gael or Labour have, nor could it ever attract people of integrity the way those parties could and did.

But, better late than never, the Irish people have now finally realised their complicity in facilitating Fianna Fail being in office and those in Fianna Fail now know they are going to face the consequences of their actions and abuses over the years -- and they are right to be afraid.

Desmond fitzgerald
canary wharf, london

Irish Independent