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FF beacon of light already dimmed

Since I first became eligible to vote more than 22 years ago, I have always been a floating voter. The only regular pattern in my voting choice has been never to vote for FF. However, with the election of Micheal Martin as FF leader I had hoped for a change in outlook and direction for the party, one that may allow voters like myself to consider them for election.

This hope was further strengthened when Mr Martin apologised, in a general sense, for mistakes made by his party. It was with great disappointment, and then anger, that I listened to his interview on 'Prime Time'.

According to Mr Martin, FF were not really responsible for many of the decisions that have destroyed this little country of ours. No fault, no blame. I wondered what he felt the need to apologise for was if his party was so blameless.

eddie o'connor
kilcock, co kildare

Irish Independent