Tuesday 12 November 2019

Fewer cars on road will help save lives

Anrai O Duileain seems to be blaming speeding policy rather than speeding motorists for road accidents (Letters, March 21).

He also appears to be of the opinion that we should have "discretionary" speed limits rather than mandatory ones. One hundred kilometres per hour is the 'upper limit' and not some arbitrary figure to be considered when it suits.

Speed, or more correctly speeding motorists, are the biggest killers on the roads. Worldwide, 1.3 million people die annually and more than 40 million are seriously injured.

The road death toll figures prove that the car is a deadly weapon and is unsafe at any speed. There is only one way to reduce road carnage and that is to reduce car numbers.

This can be done by creating the best possible conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation. Nothing else will work.



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