Wednesday 21 February 2018

Federal Europe

• And hey presto -- we have the United States of Europe, the solution to all our woes, or so they would have us believe!

This idea is as far-fetched as the ill-fated shared single currency. America, while the original melting pot of cultures, consists of a population who are willing to share a single identity, American, a single language and a single government. How can the US of Europe work, at least in the short- term.

A quick fix is desperately needed while the Germans, French, Irish, Dutch, Danes, Italians etc etc still see themselves as single identities, each with its own history, culture, language and national traits? The last to try this experiment was the Soviet Union, and we all know how that ended. Even if a miracle occurred and we all became "European" it would take years to "bed in" and we don't have years. The problem is now.

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