Saturday 24 March 2018

Fawning of a new era to mark queen’s visit

FROM the level of fawning media coverage devoted to both the royal wedding and Queen Elizabeth's visit to this island, you could be forgiven for wondering if seismic historical events such as the Gaelic revival and the Anglo Irish War were just a figment of your imagination.

With the endless cap-doffing platitudes being offered up by our new Government and programmes such as ‘William agus Kate’, it would appear as though there is a concerted effort to raise the sycophantic Anglicisation bar to a degree that has not been reached for quite some time.

Proponents of this 21st Century Jackeenism would no doubt argue that it is merely indicative of how much the relationship between the UK and Ireland has matured over recent years. Perhaps they might also suggest that we have reached a “post-historical” age of enlightenment? This new age might allow Irish people to choose to embrace the British monarchy with as much gusto as their British counterparts whilst disregarding both the real and symbolic role played by that very same monarchy in the British Empire’s centuries-long destruction of Irish autonomy and ethnicity.

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