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Fat lady sings

• Let me put this bluntly. Now that we have grotesquely overpaid politicians (all 166 of the them) being boosted by fat-cat advisers with a coterie of obscenely remunerated financiers loudly cheering their every misplaced step, the "Irish problem'' has gone past desperate and is now insoluble, except nobody is prepared to admit it.

The fact that we have a troika (all earning less than any of the above) effectively in charge and allowing this to happen merely underlines the horror of the situation. When one considers that this scenario is being replicated on a worldwide basis, it doesn't take a prophet to foretell what is going to happen next.

The fat lady is now singing so loudly, she's about to bring the house down -- literally; I'm on my feet already...

Liam Power
Ballina, Co Mayo

Irish Independent