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FAS report is deja vu for the public

I consider the FAS report to be another case of deja vu, as this Government won't be answerable to the general public once again.

But now answers have become a necessity, not a privilege, especially those relating to Rody Molloy.

We are all aware that the Taoiseach defended his good friend's reputation in the Dail, but it has become fairly obvious that Mr Molloy wasn't fit to be in charge of a hen house, never mind a state training agency.

Political cronyism has been a contentious subject where this Government is concerned. Was it sheer coincidence that Mary Coughlan and Brian Lenihan used their own initiative with regard to an illustrious €3.8m package for Mr Molloy?

And what of the departments of Enterprise and Finance? They have serious questions to answer about their involvement in the sanctioning of this payment, along with certain bonuses.

This report has definitely thrown a cat among the pigeons.

It's time for politicians to step up to the mark and take responsibility for each of their departments.

Mattie Greville
Killucan, Co Westmeath

Irish Independent