Tuesday 24 October 2017

Farmers' beef over CAP payments

• I am writing to highlight how the present CAP proposals will affect the agri-industry. I am one of the farmers who will be losing 70pc of his single payment. I have built my quotas over 30 years and also bought some on the open market.

Beef production at present in Ireland is below the cost of production and has been over the last 30 years. All beef farmers depend on subsidies and, latterly, the single payment to keep going. There is not a single beef farmer in Ireland who could manage without the single payment. All have to rely on it for profit as beef production is chronically low in profitability.

The present proposals by the commission will put me and every intensive beef and suckler farmer out of business. These proposals are especially unfair to those who rent land. This is an extraordinary course of action by the European Commission. They are taking the entitlements off the most productive farmers in the country and giving it to those who have no track record of any productivity. I'm not talking about new entrants to the scheme. I support fully the IFA position that provision be made for them.

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