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Fare play

- Martina Devlin's article on public transport fare increases (Irish Independent, January 5) fails to take account of the analysis by the National Transport Authority prior to our sanctioning of fare increases.

These reports have been available for download on our website (www.national transport.ie) since early December 2011, and they show that all operators have partially absorbed losses by making significant cost savings in recent years.

To take one example of cost control, Dublin Bus is now making annual costs savings of €52m compared with 2007.

The authority must, however, ensure that a viable network of public transport services is maintained. There is a limit to the level of operational savings that can be achieved without affecting the service offering.

With the fare increases implemented this week, we have sought the optimum balance between requiring the operators to drive efficiencies in their operations and passing on a portion of costs to their customers.

Gerry Murphy

Chief executive officer,

National Transport Authority