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Fanning shows great insight

Sir -- Aengus Fanning's article ('Why Merkel needs to remember the war', Sunday Independent, August 28, 2011) should be well noted for the unerring trajectory of his penetrating analysis into the national psyche of present- day Germany.

Such an examination of how the movers and shakers of the German economy, and those within the German body politic, are responding to the failure of the unifying principle of a single currency, the euro -- for the most part a German creation -- is vital.

Will the Germans learn a little humility? There was something very wrong with the concept of the euro from the outset; the Germans knew this, and still went ahead.

Mr Fanning is irrefutably correct to point to the good German, former chancellor Helmut Kohl, and his very uneasy state of mind about this generation of Germans -- the Merkelites -- and their failure to take cognisance of their country's relatively recent terrible history.

It's time for the Germans to go into deep reflection mode and examine the assumed right to lead Europe and lay down the law to all and sundry.

Surly it is time for we Irish to adopt the French spirit of defiance and to get out on the streets, tear up the rule book and with one voice declare our opposition to the domination of the fiscal ideology of Frankfurt, and the Merkelite tyranny of Germany in general -- and demand debt relinquishment or release.

Pierce Martin, Celbridge, Co Kildare

Sunday Independent