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Faithful in denial over church sins

Madam -- As I write I am watching the Eucharistic Congress on television.

What, I wonder, would the boys who were raped by priests say about this event and the girls who were put into laundries for having babies outside marriage? The writers and poets that had to leave Ireland because their works were banned by a country whose rules were made up by a right-wing church which did not allow divorce and contraception and yet I'm thinking how many people attending the congress are in denial about the true evil horrors that this church was responsible for, that covered up child abuse, that moved paedophile priests from parish to parish, all to keep the good name of the Roman Catholic Church? That was more important to them than the protection of young defenceless children.

Why did the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church allow the Eucharistic Congress to be held in Ireland, especially at this time? Was it to get back their good name and the political power that they once had? Was it held to show their contempt for the people of Ireland by saying 'we can do what we want and we don't care' as shame is a word the meaning of which they have yet to learn?

The President, the Taoiseach and the other politicians that were at the congress have insulted the memory of those who suffered child abuse and as it was a religious event and not a political event, why were they there? Is Ireland still a Roman Catholic right-wing state or a secular republic like France where church and state are separate?

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