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Faith of our fathers

• I am not a knee-jerk writer to the papers; in fact, this is my first. As an avid paper reader of both scribe and comment I have on many occasions been tempted but just always seemed to let it go.

I have looked on as there were no real consequences from the Beef Tribunal, the Moriarty Tribunal, the Flood/ Mahon Tribunal revelations despite the hundreds of millions spent on them.

It all just makes me think that if my dear late father was still alive he would be sitting over his paper tut-tutting saying: "I told you so, I always said Fine Gael and Fianna Fail were too close to big business, the Labour Party was in bed with the unions and that Sinn Fein was intertwined with the IRA and criminality."

He was, as I am, a total realist and a democrat and would openly say that at the end of the day it is the electorate that has the final decision on who governs this country. The hypocrisy in all our present parties is very clear to see.

However, there is an elephant in the room that we as a nation seem blinkered to address. Ireland is suffering major hardship, recession and cruel cutbacks. This is without doubt not a political problem but a banking problem.

The reason we have handed over our sovereignty to the IMF and the ECB is not political. Without the necessity of the bank guarantee and trying to refinance the banks, Ireland would not be in this predicament.

A JP Morgan study in 2004 for the World Bank warned that Irish banks were receiving four-and-a-half times more than their counterparts in London and New York per customer, which was unsustainable. Yet how were they still offering 100pc plus mortgages?

Why have none of these bankers been jailed?

Originally there was a moratorium of €500,000 by this Government put on bankers' pay, this is already broken on a regular basis. I also hear that Michael Noonan is to agree from next year that while there will be no return to bonuses he is set to approve "incentive arrangements".

I return to one of my father's sayings: "You get who you vote for."

Anthony PM Sheridan
Co Wicklow

Irish Independent