Tuesday 10 December 2019

Fair play is alive and well

Marie Dowling (Letters, March 1) has found the sports role model she so desires for her sons -- but not from the ranks of the lowly amateur club soccer, rugby or Gaelic games so cherished by our population but from the well-paid professional rugby players.

I, like all Irish people, am proud of our international rugby team. But when Ms Dowling speaks of character, hard work, honesty, fair play and decency, I wonder did she ever visit her local playing fields where all those attributes are nurtured and honed by young men and women who will never aspire to the posh world of Twickenham, Parc de France etc? Perhaps she should take her sons to a county football or hurling final, a club rugby or soccer final, or better still to an All-Ireland final in Croke Park where the "skill, perseverance and courage" of the players equal that of any sport in the world.

And, yes, she will see the pride of the winning team and the devastation of the losing players -- just like the professional rugby players -- but they will be back to do it all again for the sheer love of the game.

John Gavin
Raheen, Limerick

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