Wednesday 20 November 2019

Failed state

• Aidan O'Sullivan's 'United Europe' (Letters, September 11) points out what many politicians at home and abroad have denied to this day -- that a united Europe was the goal from the beginning of the project in 1950.

I was opposed to this on the grounds of loss of sovereignty, but I have changed my mind due to the dire situation in which we find ourselves.

Mass emigration and unemployment have been features of life here since the inception of the State.

The Celtic Tiger 'boom' was illusory while the 'bust' is very, very real.

I have come to the conclusion that the Republic is a failed politico-economic entity and the sooner we are subsumed into a Federal Europe with centralised power the better.

Eric Maughan
Ardkill, Carrickaboy, Co Cavan

Irish Independent

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