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Facts and figures

• There has been much written about our loyal public servants who have served this State well over many decades when times were good and now when times are tough. Unfortunately a lot of what has been written has been wide of the mark in terms of the factual situation.

Thanks to the CSO, another wonderful organisation run by public servants, we can see clearly that public servants pay is as follows: 105,745 earn up to €20,000; 143,919 earn between €20,001 and €40,000; 102,676 earn between €40,001 and €60,000; 40,941 earn between €60,001-€80,000; 18,117 earn between €80,001 and €100,000; and there are more than 17,447 earning over €100,000. If one excludes the 17,447 that earn over €100,000, the average wage of the public servant is just over €36,000. I work in the private sector and I am being very honest here -- if my salary was just €36,000 with four young children I would have serious difficulties getting by.

May I wish the public servants who work for this country a very happy Christmas and hopefully a prosperous New Year.

Paul Doran
Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Irish Independent